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Camp Hideout - Hero

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Camp Hideout - Key Art
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When mischievous Noah (Ethan Drew) gets himself into trouble with 2 “bad guys” by accidentally stealing their property, he escapes to a summer camp. Little does he know this camp is run by the notorious Falco (Christopher Lloyd) and his dog Lazarus who both despise technology and have a short temper when it comes to children. Thankfully there are kind and optimistic camp leaders like Jake (Corbin Bleu) to help guide him and cheer him up. Although Noah is extremely pessimistic upon arrival, he begins to soften and create bonds with some of the other kids at camp. He learns some valuable lessons in integrity, faith, and friendship which is helpful when the bad guys show up looking for him and their missing item. The camp kids band together in a Home Alone style funhouse in the woods with boobie traps ranging from slick decks with zip lines at the lake to huts filled with bees. In the end, Falco steps up to help the kids and they all learn a valuable lesson in sticking together.


Corbin Bleu
Ethan Drew
Amanda Leighton
and Christopher Lloyd



Sean Olson


Phillip Glasser
and Jason Lee Brown


Kat Olson, C. Neil Davenport and Dave DeBorde