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Film Rating

Classification descriptions for films
The look of the classification information that you see on film products (including online, videos and DVDs) and advertising material for them has changed. However their meaning has not.

Consistent Location
The classification position will almost always appear at the bottom left of advertising.

Each classification is now coloured. G is green, PG is yellow, M is blue, MA 15+ is red and R 18+ and X 18+ are both black.

Consumer advice
In most circumstances, when you see the classification, you will also see a white space next to it that contains some brief advice phrases, called consumer advice. This information is specific to the film that has been classified and is designed to further provide you with specific information about the content that will assist you in your choice. Examples of consumer advice may be mild violence, moderate sex scenes, strong violence, frequent coarse language etc.

These classification decisions are made by members of the Classification Board who are representative of the wider Australian community. Decisions may be reviewed by the Classification Review Board. Classification Operations Branch.


G G General G General
PG PG Parental Guidance PG Parental Guidance
Parental guidance recommended
M M Mature Audiences M Mature Audiences
Recommended for mature audiences
Classifications below are legally restricted
MA15+ MA15+ Not Suitable for people under 15 MA15+ Not Suitable for people under 15
Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
R18+ R18+ Restricted to 18 and over R18+ Restricted to 18 and over
Restricted to 18 and over
X18+ X18+ Restricted to 18 and over X18+ Restricted to 18 and over
Restricted to 18 and over